Flowering Lilac

Like people, medical practices have distinct personalities. Our patients describe FABEN Obstetrics and Gynecology as caring, approachable, reassuring, energetic, and expert. We are the only practice we know of in which every doctor is also a patient. The experience of delivering each other's children has not only created a bond between us but has also given us a shared perspective on treating our patients. At FABEN, you can truly expect to be treated as we'd want to be treated ourselves.

You’re Among Friends

The four FABEN founding physicians—Felicia Fox, Ana Hicks, Bettina Kohaut, and Evaleen Caccam—met as residents when we were members of the University of Florida's first all-female OB/GYN class. Our drive behind starting FABEN was our joy in collaboration and our belief in the same things: advanced medicine, a commitment to continuing education, and care that emphasizes the whole person—through every stage of her life.

We have three convenient locations to serve you. Our main office is now in San Marco, outside the hospital, but just along the road. Our second office is in Southpoint. We are excited to announce our third new office in the Ortega/Avondale area.  We have worked hard to create an inviting, tranquil environment for our patients. At the office, our closely entwined personal lives merge with our professional lives.